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Sudden M-Pac Band is a Pop, R&B, and Funk band who are steadily winning fans and devotees wherever they seem to play. While each member of the group has a success story in their own right, it’s the collaborative effort that fills their performances with great musicianship; rich-sultry vocals and high energy that fans have come to love.

Sudden M-Pac Band, the band that takes you back with classic and legendary hits from the 70’s, 80’s and into the new millennium—they do it in a way that only they can, M-PAC STYLE.

Gladys "Etta" Blacksheare Duren,  a founding member of Sudden M-Pac Band, passed on December 28th due to complications from covid.

This young lady was the heart and soul of the band. Her rich sultry voice had a mesmerizing  affect on everyone who heard it.

Gladys had an uncanny ability to find diamonds in the rough and get them to shine brighter than they could have imagined.  She touched so many people during her short time and will truly be missed.

We, Sudden M-Pac Band have truly lost a shining star but we vow to go on in her honor. From hence forth, we will be known as "The band Gladys built." Sudden M-Pac Band.

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